Shining Star

ICISF is proud to announce a new recognition program entitled “Shining Star” in CISM.  Current CISM Teams or Liaison’s may nominate a local person who has shown outstanding leadership/innovation/dedication for their efforts in promoting CISM.

There are 3 Categories of the Shining Star Program:

Rising Star:  Those individuals who have shown 7 years of dedication, commitment and enthusiasm towards the mission of ICISF and CISM.

Guiding Star: Those Individuals who have shown 8 plus years of involvement in CISM and who have shown dedication and commitment to those in need, mentoring others to become involved in CISM thru training, team building and team support.

Heavenly Star:  Those individuals who made significant contributions to the field of CISM and have left us far too soon. (Donations to ICISF will be accepted in memory of the Heavenly Star Recipient).

Nominations will be evaluated by a committee comprised of Dennis Potter from Michigan, Patty Stewart McCord from Canada, Mary Schoenfeldt from Washington State, Sandy Scerra from Massachusetts and Pete Volkmann from New York.  This committee is independent of the ICISF office.

Announcements will be provided by ICISF on the ICISF Website and in the LifeNet Newsletter.  This program will recognize the grass roots efforts and successes of CISM worldwide.  The recipient being honored will receive a special pin and a Proclamation from ICISF.  We need to know!

Complete the Shining Star Program Nomination Form and forward to Michelle Parks (