The International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc. (ICISF) provides pre-incident education to address the mental health concerns of those who respond to disaster and crises.

In order to apply for the Academy of Crisis Intervention Scholarship Program, click here to view the criteria for the scholarship program and download the application.
Thank you for your inquiry regarding specific courses for the regional trainings listed on the scholarship application.  This is a continual schedule challenge as we are still in the process of lining up instructors and courses with some of the later regional trainings.

For applying to the Academy of Crisis Scholarship Fund, we encourage everyone to please list 2 or 3 regional training locations as well as 2 or 3 specific courses you would be interested in taking for the scholarship committee to review.  To view our Regional Training dates and locations, visit our homepage and look on the left hand side for the most up to date listing.  You can also view our course descriptions here.

You have to be an active ICISF member when you apply for the scholarship program and maintain your active membership during the entire time the scholarships are applicable toward the regional trainings and online courses listed on application.

To learn more information about becoming a member and the benefits, please visit our membership page and sign up today!

A “Member in Good Standing” means that you are a current, active ICISF member who has paid all dues and has no outstanding conflicts with ICISF.

We currently offer the Academy of Crisis Intervention scholarships twice a year, both in the beginning and the mid-part of the year. We might consider adding this as a category in the future, but we are currently looking to examine the characteristics and justification of a specific candidate, which is why we request the candidate fill out the application for the scholarship committee to review.
At this time, the scholarship program doesn’t include instructor courses, but we are likely to include this in future scholarships.
The Academy of Crisis Intervention Scholarships are selected based on the criteria in the application that includes justification as to why the individual requesting a scholarship needs financial assistance for taking ICISF courses.  We ask that you state your reasons for the request on the application and the committee will consider that along with the other applications received by the deadline.
If you have any additional questions about the scholarship program, you can contact Kelly Hall, ICISF Development Coordinator, at (410) 750-9600, ext. 107 or