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Orlando, FL – September 28- October 1, 2017

Columbia, MD – October 12-15, 2017

San Diego, CA – December 7-10, 2017

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Springfield, MO – March 2018

Atlanta, GA – April 2018

Chicago, Il – August 2018

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Columbia, MD          Houston, TX

Pittsburgh, PA           San Diego, CA

San Francisco, CA

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september, 2017

17sepallday19alldayAssisting Individuals in Crisis & Group Crisis Intervention (GRIN)

18sepallday19alldayStrategic Response to Crisis

18sepallday19alldayAdvanced Group Crisis Intervention

18sepallday19alldayTEAM: Team Evolution and Management

18sepallday19alldayStress Management for the Trauma Service Provider

19sepallday21alldayAssisting Individuals in Crisis & Group Crisis Intervention (GRIN)

19sepallday21alldayAssisting Individuals in Crisis & Group Crisis Intervention (GRIN)

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28sepallday01octalldayOrlando Regional Training

12octallday15alldayColumbia, MD Regional Training

07decallday10alldaySan Diego Regional Training

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09octallday20alldaySuicide Awareness: An Introduction for Crisis Responders - Online Course

20novallday08decalldayCISM Practical Review and Update - Online Course

CISM: A Practical Review –
New book launched!

The year 1997 marked the publishing of the first textbook on Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM). Its title was CRITICAL INCIDENT STRESS MANAGEMENT (CISM): A NEW ERA AND STANDARD OF CARE.

The year 2017 marks the publication of the latest update to that seminal textbook.

CRITICAL INCIDENT STRESS MANAGEMENT (CISM): A PRACTICAL REVIEW provides the reader with the latest interventions, research, and thinking on CISM; and a lot has changed since 1997!

Psychological trauma and acute psychological crises are virtually epidemic. Whether it’s disasters, terrorism, political unrest, economic fluctuations, school violence, or workplace violence, crisis and trauma will always follow. That fact is guaranteed. The question has always been “How do we best respond?” How do we respond to civilians in need and how do we respond to emergency workers, military, and healthcare personnel? Over twenty years of experience has taught us that traditional psychological services can be inert if not toxic. Thus, a new era and a new standard of care was clearly warranted. CISM has emerged as the world’s only comprehensive integrated continuum of acute psychological care.

CISM may be viewed as a comprehensive strategic planning system replete with a wide array of tactical interventions. Such a wide array of interventions assures us that no one need go unserved in the wake of adversity. Whether it’s acute crisis intervention with individuals, interventions with small groups of those directly affected, or interventions with large groups of those vicariously affected, the CISM system can be tailored to all such needs. However not only is there a need for tactical proficiency using the various interventions, there has been born the need to develop two additional skills: surveillance and triage as well as overall strategic planning.

CISM: A PRACTICAL REVIEW reviews, updates, and instructs the reader in the latest practices designed to save careers, save marriages, and reduce human suffering in the wake of trauma, disaster, and other adversity. This book was written with emergency personnel and military in mind, yet it has direct applicability to civilian populations as well.

George S. Everly, Jr., PHD, ABPP, CCISM
ICISF Co-Founder

Click on the image below to purchase the book online: