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Hurricane Sandy Cleanup Efforts

To all ICISF CISM Teams and CISM Trained Individuals

Our partners at Green Cross have contacted ICISF to advise that they are beginning to send out the assessment materials for Pre-Deployment to areas impacted by the recent storms in the Northeast.

For those individuals and/or teams that may want to participate in a potential response, please review the information below provided by Green Cross.

Please let me know if you able to respond.

We are beginning to send out the assessment materials for the Pre-Deployment. These materials help us determine if you are eligible to deploy. These materials are found here

Once you are on the website, there are a few steps listed on the link there for you. After you have completed the steps, these are the following things I need from you:

1. Proof of FEMA ICS 100 Course 2. Self-Assessment Scores 3. Self-Assessment Form
Another thing I would like, which is not mentioned on this list, is a 1"X 1" square photo of you. This is just to create an ID card that you will be using while deployed. Please also include a brief description of your background.
You can Fax these documents to us, e-mail them or express mail them, whichever one works best for you. We would like these to be done as soon as possible; preferably by the end of the day, or over the weekend.

Also, any donations to help fund the deployment are more than appreciated. If you would like to make a donation please follow this link to our website.

To donate, please select the donate option within the PayPal module, and follow the steps given.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, thank you.

Dr. Dan Casey, CT       
Director GCAT        
11959 77th St.  
Clear Lake, MN 55319
O/H 320-743-3639     
F 320-743-4119   


Jessica Arensman     
Office Manager
Office: 320-743-3639
Fax: 320-743-4119