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Message from the Hotline Coordinator - July 26, 2013

The "Current Team Listing" is updated frequently. If your team does not appear on the list and you think that your records have been updated within the past twelve months please contact hotline@icisf.org and every effort will be made to clarify your team status  

Teams are required to provide an annual update in order to remain on the “Current Teams” list. To accomplish this, a reminder and a team information form are sent to the email addresses listed on the file that we have for your team. If you do not find your team listed on the “Current Teams” list on our Website, it is because we have not received any new information from you for the past year.


It is vital that we have the correct team information when a request for assistance is made to the ICISF office or the Hotline. No good can be accomplished if a person requiring CISM intervention finds that the number(s) is no longer in service or the person contacted is no longer affiliated with the team.


As of this date, of the 787 teams in the ICISF files, only 150 have met the annual update requirement. Help me keep the information up to date by sending your completed form to us at hotline@icisf.org. The form can be downloaded at http://icisf.org/images/stories/PDFs/0%20-%20team%20form%2005-11-11.doc


Your cooperation is most appreciated, as this up-to-date information provides a more accurate CISM response when needed! 


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